DIY Weather Balloon Kit Materials

On this page, you’ll find links to Amazon for all the products that we use or recommend to help get you to space on your next launch.

Products on this page are grouped in the following categories:

  1. Weather Balloons

  2. Parachutes

  3. Cameras

  4. Trackers

  5. Payload

  6. Miscellaneous

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Weather Balloons

Not sure what size you need? Check out our free weather balloon user guide for tips on sizing your balloon. Other balloon sizes are available from Kaymont Industries and eBay.

1200g Weather Balloon

Burst Altitude - 115,000 ft

Kaymont Industries (Totex)

600g Weather Balloon

Not Totex - manufactured by Aether Industries

Helium Tank Regulator CGA-580

(remove the black balloon nipple to attach the hose)

25’ Hose for Helium Tank

Attaches to CGA-580 regulator


Not sure what size parachute you need? Check out our parachute size calculator post.

58” Parachute

For payloads weighing ~4-6 lbs

36” Parachute

For payloads weighing ~1.5-3.5 lbs



The selection of a camera is a personal choice, as we discussed in our camera post here. We prefer the GoPro Session running these settings and then a selection of various Canon PowerShots (running CHDK for time-lapse photos).

GoPro HERO Session

Our #1 choice for HD video of our weather balloon

GoPro Hero7 Black

If price isn’t a barrier and you want the latest and greatest for 4k HD video, this is it

64GB SDCard

For your video camera - 32GB is probably enough, but prices are cheap so get the 64GB

Backup Battery

5000 mAh to charge your electronics in-flight

USB Y-Splitter

Turn your backup battery into a charger for 2 USB devices


We always flew with two trackers - one, a satellite tracker like the one below, and the second, an Android cell phone running our in-flight tracking code. We discuss all about the pros and cons of different trackers in our blog post here.

SPOT Trace GPS Tracker

This saved us several times when our balloon landed outside of cell phone service or when our tracking phone unexpectedly died. Requires a monthly or annual subscription.


How you choose to package your flight components is one of the parts you can be most creative with. We chose the simple, small, styrofoam cooler below, and cut out notches for our photography equipment. Styrofoam is ultra lightweight, keeps the electronics warm (sometimes too warm if it’s hot out), and gives a nice cushion upon impact when it lands.

Polar Tech 205c Cooler

We found the 6” x 5” x 6.5” size to be perfect for our many flights. It even gave us enough room to send up other items such as brewing hops and astronaut ice cream!


This list of items is not exhaustive. It is always good to be prepared and bring more than you think you’ll need to the launch! Items such as duct tape, string, scissors, and more.

40-lb Test Fishing Line

FAA laws state any string must be under a 50-lb break-strength

36” Zip Ties

We use these to secure the payload cover and create attachment points to the parachute line

8” Zip Ties

Useful for securing other items inside the payload (camera, electronics) and creating loops to attach the parachute to the balloon

Nitrile Gloves

Used to protect the weather balloon during filling and handling from oils on your hands

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