Weather Balloon Quick Fill Inflation System (with regulator)

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Weather Balloon Quick Fill Inflation System (with regulator)


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With the Quick Launch Inflation System, you receive all the pieces you need to make the weather balloon inflation and launching process a SNAP – literally! With built-in snap quick-disconnect adapters you can prepare your balloon prior to travelling to the launch site, then easily snap your balloon on and off the inflation nozzle during filling.  This system takes all the pain and uncertainty of prepping and filling a weather balloon completely out of the equation.  Instructions included with purchase.

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Assembly Includes:

  • CGA-580 regulator to adapt to standard Helium tanks

  • 25 ft. High-Pressure Hose

  • Quick-Detach Hose Adapter

  • Quick-Detach Balloon Adapter and Fill Nozzle (for 3cm Neck balloons)


  • All the parts required to attach to a CGA-580 helium tank and fill your balloon!

  • Lightweight and durable design

  • Saves time and hassle during the fill process

  • Quick-disconnect feature for measuring Nozzle Lift during filling to confirm accurate helium volume and lift

  • Nozzle easily adapts to balloon during filling

  • 25' Long Hose Allows balloon and helium tank to be separated during filling

  • Flight-tested to be rugged and safe


  • CGA-580 Regulator for Safely Attaching to Helium Tank

  • Pressure-Rated 25'L Hose and Fittings

  • 40-75CFM maximum fill rate

  • Designed for 3 cm (up to 1500g Kaymont/Totex balloons)

Weather Balloon Preparation and Fill Instructions

Note: please allow up to 3 business days for packaging and handling time before shipping. 

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