Looking to build your own weather balloon kit to send to space?

Check out our recently updated weather balloon kit and product page with links to all the latest materials for your own launch for 2019.

Thank you, and best of luck with your weather balloon projects!

We are aimed at decreasing the cost and complexity of near-space weather balloon projects by providing free tools and paid products and services.

Free Near space Tools and resources

From our pre- and post-flight planning tools, Parachute and Balloon size estimators, to our All-in-One near-space instruction manual and user guide, we aim to lower the barrier to achieving spaceflight and to enable anyone with any background to send their payload to near-space.

hardware solutions

With multiple years of near-space experience, several launches, and diverse Aerospace and Systems Engineering backgrounds, our designs are flight tested and space proven to give you the highest probability of recovery at the right price. Options available from barebones DIY kits to all-in-one solutions for the rookie space cadet.

consulting services

If you would like to send something to near-space and need advice, flight planning services, or are perhaps just looking to contract someone to do it for  you, we are eager and excited to work with you to accomplish your goals.

Near-Space Design Tools that Anyone Can Use

Here at Launch With Us, we believe that Space shouldn't only be accessible to engineers and rocket scientists. That is why we are developing easy to use tools, that enable users to:

  1. Simulate Flight Paths: Predict the path of their near-space launch by running simulations.

    1. Flight Path Prediction Walk-Through

  2. Design and Select Components: Properly size the various components (parachute, balloon, etc.).

    1. Parachute Size Estimator Tool

    2. Laws and Regulations

    3. FAA Drone Registration for High Altitude Balloons

    4. Launch and Preparation Checklists

    5. DIY List of Weather Balloon Kit Materials

  3. Select the Right Tracker: Select and implement the proper tracking method based on budget.

    1. Balloon Tracking and Recovery Methods

  4. Capture Video and Pictures: Capture stunning, high-resolution videos and pictures at the edge of space.

    1. Camera Options for Near-Space Balloon Missions

  5. Follow step-by-step instructions to do your very own balloon launch

    1. Download our free near-space user guide here.

From DIY Balloon Kits to Space-in-a-Box Solutions

Some of you are looking to tinker and customize your payload and Do It Yourself (DIY). Others would just like the box of parts and instructions to bring them to near-space with minimal effort and risk. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, we have the Hardware solutions to meet your needs.

No one gets you to space as quickly as those that have already gone there.

Whether it is what materials to use, how to get started, or needing some experienced flight crew present for the day of your launch, we are available to set up calls and discuss your needs.

Some of our past clients include:

  • Prime-time US television shows

  • Media and public relations firms

  • Educational and STEM groups

  • And many others

Interested in learning more about how we can help you accomplish your goals?